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Change the law to prevent unfair evictions, so that people who rent can create stable homes in their neighbourhoods.

Renters deserve the security of knowing that they cannot be unfairly evicted from their home.

Canberra needs fairer renting laws. 

But for too many people, the housing pressures they face are getting worse, not better. Canberra is facing a housing crisis, where stable, affordable and safe homes are out of reach for everyday people. 

Our campaign is calling for the ACT Government to change the laws to improve rights for tenants, so that they have fair protections against evictions, a right for their home to be safe and comfortable, and new laws to prevent unfair and excessive rental increases.

What We Are Campaigning For

Stable, safe and affordable homes for all


Fair limits on rental increases, so that landlords cannot increase rents unfairly or in retaliation.

Affordable rental homes means more equal, stronger and more inclusive communities.


Requirements for landlords to meet minimum standards for rental houses so that your home won't make you sick, or cause an injury.

No one should have to live in an unsafe house that puts their health at risk.

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Unfair evictions hurt everyone. That's why I'm supporting laws for genuine security for tenants.

Jane, Calwell

I've faced unfair rental increases in every home I've rented. It's time there was a cap on increases.

Susie, Cook

What Canberrans are saying

Real voices from your neighbours


Unfair evictions, sub-standard and unsafe houses, soaring rents, dodgy real-estate agents... we're campaigning for fairer renting for all tenants in Canberra.

Read our full list of reforms

You can download and read the full list of law reforms we are campaigning for by clicking on the download button.


The Make Renting Fair Alliance

Need advice about the law?

The Tenants’ Union ACT is a not for profit community legal centre offering free and confidential advice and information for all people renting their homes in the ACT.


Want to share your experiences?

Join the renters-only Facebook group moderated by Better Renting, and share your experiences with other renters in Canberra, ask questions and help make renting better.


Make Renting Fair CBR

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